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πŸ“‘ Whitepaper: Batch, Streaming & Real-Time Data*

How to Leverage Their Full Power for Production ML

How can you evolve from ML batch use cases to leveraging a wide variety of batch, streaming, and real-time data to build powerful production ML models?Β 

What’s the difference between batch, streaming, and real-time data, and how are they transformed into signals for ML models?Β 

Does real-time ML mean that the model only uses real-time data?Β 

This whitepaper answers all these questions and more. Download today to learn:Β 

  • About different ML feature types and transformations

  • The challenges of serving feature data and how to overcome them

  • About common misconceptions about real-time ML

  • How to better manage the increasingly complex and varied data flows for ML applications

*We thank Tecton for their insights and ongoing support of Turing Post.

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