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What People Say About Turing Post

β€œA must-read resource for AI professionals (and more widely for anyone interested in the field). Incisive, insightful and diverse views, some fascinating historical perspectives, and all the latest news to keep you abreast of developments in one of the fastest-moving fields in technology. Highly recommended.”

Rob Bassett CrossCEO & Founder Adarga AI

β€œAs unconventional as the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence itself, Turing Post is the indispensable companion on your journey through the AI looking glass. It’s not a co-pilot. It’s not a dashboard. No, Turing Post, painstakingly crafted by real human minds, is the Greek Chorus on for the cacophonous, confused, and confusing drama playing now on screens surrounding you everywhere.”

David JudsonWriter, ex-Editor In Chief at Stratfor

β€œThere is no shortage of AI newsletters, digests, podcasts, cheat sheets, blogs, etc. Turing Post goes beyond the trendy, clickbait AI news and dives deeper into the history and philosophy behind AI, presenting information as stories rather than bullet points. Far more engaging, far more thought-provoking, far more enjoyable.”

Yvan FafchampsProduct Evangelist @ UbiOps