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10 companies for synthetic data generation

+ discover what synthetic data is and how to use it

Gartner predicts that by 2030, machine learning models will use synthetic data exclusively, making real data unnecessary. The synthetic data market is multiplying, with Cognilytica forecasting an increase from $110 million in 2021 to an impressive $1.15 billion by 2027.

Synthetic data is generated to mimic real-world data. It’s created using algorithms, simulations, or predefined rules. Today, it is primarily used in:

  • research

  • training machine learning algorithms

  • data analysis

  • testing software products

We collected a list of companies you can use to generate synthetic data:

  1. Gretel: Offers data anonymization solutions with APIs and machine learning models for data integration and analysis.

  2. Mostly AI: Specializes in generating high-quality synthetic data for various industries, focusing on privacy and diverse applications.

  3. Hazy: Focuses on synthetic data generation emphasizing data privacy and compliance across healthcare, banking, and technology.

  4. Tonic AI: Provides automated synthetic data creation for testing and development, ensuring privacy and compliance.

  5. Datagen: AI-based platform for generating synthetic data, particularly for training computer vision models.

  6. Synthesis: Offers a data generation platform for computer vision, with an API for programmatic image generation.

  7. betterdata: Cloud-based data security management platform offering AI-based solutions for data protection and anonymization.

  8. Rendered: Provides AI and cloud-based tools for producing synthetic datasets, with applications in various industries.

  9. GenGenAI: AI-based platform for data preparation, specializing in generating and transforming image and video data.

  10. Vypno: Offers AI-based synthetic data for object recognition in images from various sources.

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