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3 reasons why machines can become more intelligent than people

In a recent article, Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent figure in AI development, expresses his newfound concerns about the technology he helped build. He highlights three key reasons why machines have the potential to surpass human intelligence:

  1. Learning Abilities: AI models exhibit remarkable learning capabilities, swiftly adapting to new information even with limited examples. Through pre-training and few-shot learning, they can acquire new skills efficiently.

  2. Knowledge Communication: Humans often struggle to transfer knowledge effectively due to limited resources and communication channels. In contrast, machines can instantaneously share their acquired knowledge through duplications, facilitating rapid dissemination.

  3. Subgoal Creation: AI systems can be assigned a primary goal, and autonomously generate and refine subgoals to achieve the overarching objective. Experimental models like BabyGPT and AutoGPT already demonstrate this remarkable ability.

Additionally, there is ongoing research on automatic prompting, where models can prompt themselves, further expanding their autonomous capabilities.

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