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8 Free Courses to Master Large Language Models

Large language models (LLMs) appear to be the topic of recent conversations and a new popular technological solution. We collected free courses that will help you to learn more about LLMs. We also have another practical list for those who want to master prompt engineering.

  1. Cohere LLM University

    The course offers insights into how LLMs work, and their practical applications, and guides participants on using LLMs to build and deploy applications.

  2. Hugging Face NLP course

    This course provides comprehensive knowledge about Hugging Face Transformers, Datasets, Tokenizers, and the Accelerate tool in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  3. DeepLearning.AI courses

    A collection of free courses in collaboration with many companies like LangChain, OpenAI, Google, Weights & Biases, Microsoft, and more.

  4. Weights & Biases course

    This course shows how to create LLM-powered applications utilizing APIs, Langchain, and W&B Prompts. It covers the design, experimentation, and assessment of LLM-centric applications.

  5. Introduction to Large Language Models course by Google Cloud

    An introductory-level course that explores what LLMs are, their use cases, and how to enhance LLM performance using prompt tuning. It also provides insights into Google's tools for developing Generation AI applications.

  6. Databricks courses

    The program includes two courses: “LLMs: Application through Production” and “LLMs: Foundation Models from the Ground Up.”

  7. LangChain & Vector Databases in Production course by Activeloop, Towards AI, & Intel Disruptor Initiative

    A three-course series equips learners with the knowledge and skills to train, fine-tune, and integrate LLMs into AI products. The first course includes over 50 lessons and 10 practical projects focusing on LangChain and Deep Lake, a vector database for AI data.

  8. Full Stack LLM Bootcamp

    This comprehensive bootcamp covers a range of topics including Prompt Engineering, LLMOps, UX for Language User Interfaces, Augmented Language Models, rapid LLM App development, future trends in LLM, foundational concepts, and a walkthrough of askFSDL.

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