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10 open-source tools for LLM applications development

Development Frameworks and Platforms

  1. LangChain: An open-source framework designed for developing applications powered by language models.

  2. LLMStack: An open-source platform for building AI apps, chatbots, and agents using proprietary data.

  3. Chainlit: An open-source Python package designed to expedite the creation of ChatGPT-like applications incorporating business logic and data.

  4. Superagent: An open-source framework complemented by a cloud platform for easy deployment of ChatGPT-like AI Assistants without infrastructure concerns.

  5. Helicone: An open-source framework specifically for querying GPT models effectively.

Data Management and Integration

  1. LLamaIndex: An open-source data framework tailored for LLM-based applications, enabling ingestion, structuring, and access to private or domain-specific data.

  2. Weaviate: An open-source vector database that uniquely combines object and vector storage, offering vector search and structured filtering in a cloud-native database.

  3. Semantic Kernel: A lightweight, open-source SDK that facilitates the integration of AI Large Language Models with conventional programming languages.

User Interface and Interaction

  1. Hugging Face Gradio: Open-source tool for rapidly building user interfaces for machine learning models.

  2. FlowiseAI: An open-source UI visual tool for constructing customized LLM flows with LangchainJS, developed in Node.

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