Global Generative AI Landscape 2024

Discover hidden insights insights into 107 international companies, developing 128 generative models

As part of our Global AI Affairs coverage, we make a point of exploring what happens beyond the US narrative. Recently, our friends from AIport โ€“ย an online community of AI writers and practitioners โ€“ sent us their Global Generative AI Landscape 2024, and we want to share it with you because it's really insightful. It's fascinating how many countries have their own foundation models โ€“ some of them we haven't heard about even following the AI news quite closely.ย 

The transformative potential of GenAI, particularly since the release of ChatGPT, is widely acknowledged; however, many analyses remain geographically limited. Thus, GenAI landscapes released by venture capital firms and analytical agencies (such as Sequoia Capital, Antler, and Base10) offer valuable insights into the field's development, but their focus on Silicon Valley and Europe obscures the broader picture. This report stands out by covering four times as many countries as most other GenAI studies.

Here is a few quotes:

  • โ€œApproximately 10% of all companies covered in the study have implemented multimodality in their GenAI models (systems that can process various types of data, such as text, images, audio, and video, simultaneously). The majority of these developers are located in the US: we found eight multimodal models from North America but only two from Europe, yet. This indicates that while multimodality represents an emerging trend, its adoption outside North America still remains in the nascent stages.โ€

  • โ€œWe found that Asia boasts only a few globally renowned players (at least at the moment), with Israel, China, India, Singapore, and Japan being the top five of the 11 countries we found to have made any contributions to GenAI.โ€

  • โ€œIn other parts of the world, namely Africa, Oceania, and South America, only five countries represented by eight companies that have developed GenAI solutions. These are Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina. But it is somewhat justified considering that very few countries from these continents are included in the GlobalAI index in the first place.โ€

There are a lot of valuable insights in that post; check it out. They also have the high-res image of the landscape and the full list of models and their types!

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