AI Code Generation: A Complete List

Discover & Choose the Perfect AI Code Generation Tool for Your Needs

Open-source models:
  1. Hugging Face and ServiceNow StarCoder and StarCoderBase

  2. Salesforce CodeGen

  3. Salesforce CodeT5

  4. DeepMind’s AlphaCode (open-source code and datasets)

  5. Carnegie Mellon University Polycoder

Subscription with a free plan available:
  1. Amazon CodeWhisperer (Individual – free, Professional – subscription)

  2. Tabnine (starter – free, other plans – subscription)

  3. Replit (starter – free, other plans – subscription)

Subscription with no free plan:
  1. GitHub Copilot (subscription)

  2. OpenAI’s previously Codex, now chat models (OpenAI API)

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